6G1 – our class trip 2016

We were on a class trip in the Harz Mountains from 22nd to 26th August 2016.The youth hostel was ok because the rooms were very small but the food was tasty every day.On Monday morning we drove there by coach. It was cloudy. So on Monday afternoon we were in a swimming pool. There was a cool slide and a pool with big waves, too. It was great fun for all classmates. After the waterpark we had some free time. In the evening we played games. That really was a nice day. On Tuesday our class visited “Grube Samson“. It was very cold in there. After that we went to a very big summer slide. We sat in a “chair“ and drove down a mountain. It was great and the weather was great, too. In the afternoon we had a water activity. On Wednesday we went to a lake, built a boat and we played games. The games were very boring. On Thursday we were in a climbing park in the trees. This was really, really tricky. There was a blue, a green, a red and a black parkour. In the evening we organized a talent show – that was very funny. At 11 pm we went on a night walk. This was scary because it was very dark. On Friday we left the Harz Mountains and went home. This class trip was very very good and cool.
(written by all 6G1 pupils)